About Us

The Team Truman Foundation is a nonprofit organization offering refuge to grieving families who are suffering the loss of a child.


Team Truman was founded by Tim and Tiffany Scott, who endured the loss of their son Truman in late 2012.  The Scott family began retreating to the White River Valley in the heart of the Ozark Mountains each year nearing the anniversary of what they refer to as Truman’s “Heaven Day.”  Over the years it has become a tradition for their family to spend, what was once the worst day of their lives, kayaking down the White River together honoring Truman’s memory as they find unexpected joy and hope through the heartache of his absence.  As they continue to retreat away, remembering their son and creating new memories as a family, they’ve developed a deep compassion for other families facing similar heartache. 


The heart behind this organization is to gift other families an opportunity to retreat away for their own healing.

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